Daniele Kong

Born in Rome(South),(IT)

Lives & works in Berlin, (GER)

I like to tell the aspects of the human being: from the worst egoisms to the infinite love.

I graduated in Architecture in Italy and two are the things that I try to bring into Illustration from that study Area:
The comprehension of the sense of structure and the relation (never condescending) with what came first.

Music is a fundamental part of my life.
Working with musicians and finding the appropriate visuals to illustrate the LPs in a consistent way with the styles and suggestions of the artists has been the aspect that has helped me in experimenting with techniques and atmospheres even very far from my sensitivity.
I use different media: Watercolors, gouache, ink and vector drawing.
I love very different artists: the lines of Hugo Pratt, the gazes portrayed by Singer Sargent, the elegant despair of Nina Simone, the violent love of Queens of the Stone Age, the Italian punk hardcore scene of the 90s, the Nofx, Andrea Pazienza, Egon Schiele, Klimt, the Bauhaus Movement, Superstudio, Dudovich and the guys of the Poster Art of the early 20th century and the ancient Japanese erotic prints.